Coral builds on our advanced platform solutions to provide products and services that help our Partners accelerate traction in the market. Many of these products are specific to the platforms they serve, e.g. software toolkits and online systems that lower barriers to entry in a distinct market segment such as Healthcare. These will become more readily available as prepackaged toolkits in the next few months.

We have also positioned a number of business services as products to enable our Partner companies to accelerate traction in their market regardless of platform or technology.


  • RAMP

    All too often, product innovation is blindsided by unforeseen risk.Subsequent delay is costly and can have a ripple effect on traction and workload, perhaps even putting the product itself at risk. Course corrections or pivots, if identified and made early enough, mitigate risk and can even accelerate time to market.

    Coral recognizes that product teams do not have resources sufficient to identify all risks associated with innovation in a competitive market. We developed our Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan (RAMP) to assist product teams with a broader perspective on product and market requirements. Read More

  • Market

    Does the market agree with your problem statement and solution? Is the price compelling enough to re-allocate customers’ precious budget around your offer? Until someone is willing to pay for your value, innovation has not occurred.

    As a follow-on to RAMP, or as a separate engagement, Coral has defined a number of go-to-market services that assist product teams with product and market validation in real time.

    Your product and company is unique. Coral’s market services are customizable to your offering and augment your resource base so you can keep focus on differentiation while completing the block-and-tackle work necessary to identify customer or investor objections. Read More

  • Product

    When is a product ready for market? This is the innovators dilemma. Too soon, and you risk product reputation and development distraction. Too late, and you risk lost opportunity and valuable insight on viability.

    Coral recognizes that today’s product teams work in a highly competitive market with time-to-market urgency that pressures developers and management. Aligning product requirements with market requirements helps define market entry and roadmap in an effective and managed way. Read More

  • Investment

    The road to product commercialization is a difficult one. Sometimes it is possible to bootstrap a team using revenues from other products, services or businesses. Often, a product team will seek outside funding to bridge the gap between prototype and production.

    Coral works with companies to refine their value proposition into a format that is attractive to the Investment community. While no investment is ever guaranteed, proven structure and clear messaging is essential to a successful pitch. Read More


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