Coral’s Investment Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Lead Project Grants

    Coral has funds available to grant to Ontario-based companies looking to create an MVP, enhance existing applications, build platform extensions, etc. This funding must be CEA-specific, have 3x matching funds from the applicant and distinct deliverables that advance value to a CEA ecosystem. If you think your company or idea qualifies, please contact us

  • Pitch Preparation

    You have prepared a prototype, secured a lead customer, proven your value proposition and are now ready for growth into the market. Private funding from Angel Investors and Institutional Investors such as Venture Capitalists or Venture Banks is an involved process that can take 6-9 months. Coral’s network of ecosystem experts are people who have successfully raised capital for ventures and are able to help our Partners prepare a successful pitch for Investors.

  • Investor Roadshow

    Once the Pitch is prepared, Coral will act as an advocate for our Partners, facilitating introductions to Venture Capitalists from all over North America. As no wine is ready before its time, Coral will work with Partners to ensure that all materials are completed for presentation and subsequent due diligence – increasing chances of funding while minimizing time and effort.


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