Coral is a metaphor for ecosystem growth. As Coral builds and expands, platforms (reefs, islands) are created that nurture new ecosystems.

At Coral, platforms are necessary for new ecosystem growth. These platforms combine technology advances and business processes to enable companies to establish new innovation without significant risk. Often, inter-relationships between adjacent companies occurs that further stimulates the market and creates new opportunity for all participants.

Coral has developed the following platforms through our engagement with innovative companies in the CEA sector:


  • Transportation

    We live in a Global economy where transport is the backbone for that economy. Transportation systems are dynamic and complex, controlling the flow of people and goods across the world in real time. As transport needs expand to include more routes, and facilities, transportation systems need to interoperate more seamlessly. Read More

  • Healthcare

    The future of Healthcare is moving toward more personalized and proactive wellness. Physicians and their patients will increasingly work together through new CEA to improve quality of life and care in a meaningful and responsible way. This means that healthcare will expand beyond the boundaries of acute care facilities into local communities and even to patient’s homes. Secure and private communications and interconnection between various care providers and health informatics systems is a necessary step to effect this transformation. Read More

  • Collaboration

    As the Internet expands, the way we communicate fundamentally changes. From fixed to mobile, single media to multimedia, point-to-point to collaboration, fixed feature to location and smartphone personalization, communications are tightly integrated in our daily lives.

    At Coral, we help companies integrate advanced synchronous and asynchronous communications into business applications and vice versa. Read More

  • Future

    The platforms listed above are examples of the benefits gained through connected systems.

    Coral is always on the lookout for new candidate platforms that will help improve productivity and quality in market segments such as manufacturing, energy, media and financial services. Read More


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