Coral CEA Introduces Jasper Platform

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Coral CEA Introduces New Ecosystem Platform for Integrating Enterprise Applications

“Jasper” Enables Organizations to Leverage Existing Systems

and Increase Services ROI


February 5, 2013, Ottawa, ON – Coral CEA, a not-for-profit Open Innovation Network composed of member companies and organizations focused on advancing platform solutions, has introduced a new platform to its partner ecosystem. The Jasper Service Bus (Jasper) leverages open source, industry standard messaging middleware to create a new unified data plane providing a dynamic, secure and scalable platform for building and integrating new Communication Enabled Applications across multiple systems.

“Moore’s Law is being eclipsed by Metcalfe’s Law,” explains Coral CEA Executive Director Brian Forbes. “The value of connected systems is now greater than the value of processing and storage.  The recent phenomenal growth in data analytics, social marketing, mobility and personalization has generated some of the largest and most profitable businesses in the last few years by enabling the open exchange of data to create new value.”

Jasper helps enterprises exploit Metcalfe’s Law by enabling lightweight integration of disparate systems and data stores into new purpose-built applications. Coral CEA has opened the platform to developers, while bringing it up to enterprise-grade scalability, security and performance.

Lean development requires lean integration
Over twenty Coral CEA partners attended a recent event held in Toronto to determine how the new Jasper platform would help accelerate their business objectives.

“We know that enterprises want to become more agile with respect to innovation,” says Forbes. “Jasper enables them to adopt new lean development methodologies that mitigate risk while increasing return. Jasper was purpose-built as a horizontal platform across several markets, including transportation, healthcare, logistics and finance.”

Removing barriers to entry for new enterprise applications
“One of the greatest barriers to entry for new enterprise services is integration with existing systems and data sources,” said Mike Kelland , CEO of Tindr. “Coral CEA’s Jasper platform builds upon proven integration concepts and technologies to lower that barrier to entry. The focused ecosystem approach offers an innovative way to create value around core technology, and enables customers to benefit from the success of other customer implementations.”

Coral CEA will be working with select partners over the next several months to demonstrate Jasper’s capabilities in select markets.

“As a provider of healthcare applications, we know that aligning communications amongst applications is often a challenge, even with the many strides forward in standardization of protocols”, said Mike Branch, CEO of Inovex. “Jasper enables vendors to easily communicate with each other’s applications in a technology-agnostic manner. The platform delivers a lower barrier to entry, which will undoubtedly spur innovation, and supports an ecosystem of organizations that can work alongside each other on the Bus, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

About Coral CEA
Coral CEA is a not-for-profit Open Innovation Network focused on building platform-based ecosystems that enable member companies to commercialize Communication Enabled Applications (CEA). Funded by the Government of Ontario, and a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence, Coral CEA’s mandate is to help entrepreneurs establish companies and create sustainable jobs in Ontario through the utilization and re-use of open infrastructure.


Media Contact
Heather McCulligh
Public Relations, for Coral CEA
hmcculligh [at] rogers [dot] com

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Coral CEA 2013 Year Ahead

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Coral CEA: 2013 could be Watershed Year for Ontario Startups who Practice Lean Development

Investment, job creation in hot communications market segments expected to increase


January 16 2013, Ottawa, ONCoral CEA, a not-­for-­profit Open Innovation Network composed of member companies and organizations focused on advancing platform solutions in communications, expects 2013 to be a year of excitement and growth for startups in several hot markets. In the new year, Coral CEA plans to continue or increase investment in ecosystems around transportation, healthcare, and enterprise applications.

But, says Coral CEA, a key factor will be companies’ ability to “work lean”, a business process that involves continuous innovation and following disciplined business guidelines to rapidly create and validate a product concept.

“Lean innovation means continually learning, asking questions of your market and refining your product to meet real need. Sometimes, if the market does not validate an element of your approach, you have to pivot, or change direction,” says Brian Forbes, Executive Director of Coral CEA. “You want to know sooner than later if your value resonates in your market. If you are going to tweak, do so fast, and move forward with a refined idea that will generate increased ROI.”

Rapid time­‐to­‐market is key
Coral CEA’s Open Innovation model enables member companies to stay lean -­ sharing experiences and platform technologies to help one another move even faster to commercialization. The organization helps entrepreneurs create sustainable companies and jobs in Ontario by supporting their commercialization of new products and services.

Peter Lalonde is CEO of one of Canada’s hottest young companies, Openera, which provides cloud-­based file management services. “We are big believers in lean development concepts,” says Lalonde, “Coral CEA has helped us refine our product’s value proposition and attract interest from several major customers, investors, and partners such as Box and Working with Coral CEA has enabled us to stay focused and create products that demonstrate our core value.”

Record investment in 2012
In 2012 alone, Coral CEA supported over 40 Ontario start­‐up companies, including over $1.2 million in grants to complement $3.6 million of in‐kind investment.

“2012 has shown tremendous and sustainable growth among our member companies. Follow-­on private funding is approaching $4M and over 120 jobs have been created at the companies we work with,” says Forbes. “Ontario has a vibrant culture of innovative entrepreneurs, and we see 2013 building on the strong year we’ve just completed. And those who are employing lean methodologies are accelerating to market even faster than ever.”

Events promote culture of continual innovation
To promote Open Innovation in 2012, Coral CEA also invested in several events focused on lean development, including the Identity North Conference, and Startup Weekends in Toronto and Ottawa.

“Events like Startup Weekend are centered around shared learning and lean methodologies,” says Coral CEA’s Market Coordinator Cheryl Draper. “They create opportunity for entrepreneurs of various backgrounds and experience to collaborate, validate ideas and ultimately create a stronger value proposition.” Ottawa’s Startup Weekend has doubled in size since the inaugural event. Continues Draper, “One of the most frequent comments we hear from attendees is that Startup Weekend creates an opportunity to meet people with complementary skills who they otherwise would not have met in their daily lives and develop new business opportunity. It is our hope that this promotes a culture of innovation in Ontario.”

Looking ahead
Coral CEA expects startup investment and activity to accelerate in 2013. “We’ve been through an interesting year. Listening to our partners has enabled us to build ecosystem platforms in transportation and healthcare that should produce great returns in the year ahead,” said Forbes. “We are just beginning to penetrate the trillion‐dollar plus enterprise market. Canadians can be world leaders in the next generation of information systems. With less access to capital than other countries, Canadians who embrace lean methodologies will need to innovate to market faster.”

About Coral CEA
Coral CEA is a not-for-profit Open Innovation Network focused on building platform-based ecosystems that enable member companies to commercialize Communication Enabled Applications (CEA). Funded by the Government of Ontario, and a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence, Coral CEA’s mandate is to help entrepreneurs create sustainable companies and jobs in Ontario through utilization and re-use of open infrastructure.


Media Contact
Heather McCulligh
Public Relations, for Coral CEA
hmcculligh [at] rogers [dot] com

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It Takes A Community

By Brian Forbes, Executive Director

Starting a new business, developing a new technology, identifying new markets and satisfying new customers is never easy. Putting them together makes you wonder how anyone succeeds in the world of startups!

It is often who you know – and their willingness to help – that can make a difference. Anyone who has been to the Valley is witness to the value of community – as is anyone who has built on a platform or contributed to open innovation or development.

Communities offer support, help find the right resource, provide counsel and a million other things that help Founders keep all the plates spinning while products and markets mature.

As an example, one of my favorite startups here in Ottawa, Openera, is looking for its first enterprise prospects to trial its product. This is a great opportunity for the community to get together and help out!

First of all, it is a great product. If you are a user of cloud services, applications or storage, Openera simplifies management between team members. I haven’t met anyone who isn’t excited about how simple and powerful Openera makes cross-cloud computing!

Coral CEA is signing up and we encourage all our partner companies to do the same. Let’s see how many partners we can get by Oct 15th. My 20+ years of experience in startups has proven -you always get back what you put into the community!

To sign up, click here!

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The Best Is Yet To CEA…

By Brian Forbes, Executive Director

Welcome to our redesigned Coral website!

William Gibson, the writer who coined the term cyberspace, said, “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed…”

At Coral, we see (CEA) the future every day, working with leading innovators in Ontario and around the world. We believe the quote is true, we have only just begun to see the benefits of increased connectedness in consumer and enterprise markets. Ontario is a great place to build new ventures and opportunities. We have more than enough talent (although harder to find as everyone seems to be already engaged) and ready access to global markets.

I know, we have heard this all before in many different venues. What’s different? At Coral, we hold to the belief that it isn’t innovation until someone buys it (more on this in a later post).

This website is the result of practicing what we preach. Over the past year, we have reached out to our market and asked our Partners how we can help them best achieve their success objectives. The real litmus test has been whether they are willing to pay for value.

We developed products and services using lean methodologies. Based on feedback from our MVP analysis, we have pivoted and refined our value proposition to better serve our ecosystem Partners.

We are excited about the results!

New ecosystem platforms are growing, like islands in the stream, around market verticals in Aviation, Healthcare, Telecom and others. While many are still in Private Beta (by invitation only), we expect to introduce toolkits and global business opportunity by late 2012.

What does this mean to our ecosystem Partners? Advanced platform solutions and accelerated traction. Real Innovation.

Again, welcome. Let us know how you like the site. Engage with our Staff.

Together we can turn vision into reality.


Our brand new blog, Currents is live!


Currents is Coral’s blog, which hopefully will reflect some of the trends and successes in the marketplace of interest to our ecosystem partners.

Analogous to the constant supply of nutrients and life that washes over coral beds around the world, Currents is meant to inform and exchange information and Partner successes in technology and business.

Our goal is to stimulate innovation in practical ways, promoting best practices and inter-relationships that promote growth and decrease risk.

Look for Coral employees and guests to provide insight and wit on a regular basis. 

Want to receive updates on the Coral CEA Community?  Sign-up to stay in the loop!

Comments and feedback are appreciated.


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